Hey there,

I’m Jen, the creative mastermind behind this operation. My interests lie in tech, visiting haberdasheries, playing with buttons, yarn, felt, paper and partaking in creative challenges. I also like to walk and find adventure in New York City.

Feel free to bug me if you have any questions about crafty, geeky or random stuff or any inquiries about helping you create or redesign a website.



  1. Jeremy says:

    Hi Jen, I saw on your Flickr page an image titled Lots o Fans, showing a large flat box with many smaller fans in it. I am curious about where you saw this object, and what you know about it.


    • Jen says:

      Hey Jeremy! Wow, talk about a throwback. I took that photo at ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) at NYU. It’s made by Daniel Rozin. He has several pieces like that such as the wooden mirror and others. Hope that helps!

  2. James says:

    Hi! I’ve just discovered your “Purple Bunny – Pindant Necklace”, which would be perfect for my girlfriend for Christmas, but we’re near San Francisco and the standard shipping process wouldn’t get here in time. Is there anyway I could arrange with you to pay extra to have it sent 2nd Day to arrive Christmas Eve? Please advise.

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