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I know I’ve been very inconsistent with updating this blog the last year or two.  There’s still plenty of traffic due to some knitting patterns on Ravelry (thanks!)

Just curious, who’s still subscribed and reading?  A simple hi will do :)

2011: Looking Forward

Goals for 2011 in 3 Major Categories

– Redesign & stick with the design
– Complete portfolio site
– Complete graduate thesis project (still in alpha)

– Make second sweater (Rusted Root)
– Complete blanket (about 1/3 done)
– Rethink Etsy shop inventory
– Paint one large oil painting
– Make felt stuffies

– Learn to let go:
let go of things (declutter!),
and let go of people (reconsider certain ‘friendships’)

There are many more on my ultimate list but these are the basics I’d like to get through.

What are you looking forward to getting done this year?

Summary of 2010

Last week, I thought that 2010 hadn’t been so eventful and didn’t have any strong feeling about it. Then I saw missu make a list on her Tumblr page and I thought to myself, maybe it’s time I made a list too. As it turns out, a lot happened last year and most of it was on the positive side. Flickr & Facebook photos did help me jog my memory and helped me remembered some things I hadn’t remembered happening this year (had it happened so long ago?)

So, in more or less chronological order:

Menahata New Year’s party w/ Gypsy band
Knit my first hat! (and it’s now my favorite)
Snowtubing for first time & beer tasting
Took out first molar (turned out much better than I thought)
Karaoke with the NewNew team
Longest Valentine’s Day weekend EVER with friends
Visited Philly for first time
Red themed Party
Postcard Swap 2010
Thing-a-Day 2010 for the month of February
First vacation ‘alone’ – went to West Coast
Met lots of great people in Seattle & San Francisco
Bay to Breakers!! (first time)
Missu got free tickets to go see the Net’s last game at their home base and shot a basket on an official NBA court
Bought first Mac: MacBook Pro
Visited Washington, DC for first time since childhood
Mermaid Parade (first time)
Speed dating for first and last time
Started selling jewelry for first time in Etsy shop!
Vended at Summertime 7th St Block Party
Electric Zoo concert (2nd year)
Visited Florida
Jazz Age festival on Governor’s Island (first time)
Maker Faire 2010 (first in NYC)
The Scarf Incident
Awesome joint birthday/GTFO-NYU party
NYU Bike Share launched
Got new job!
Got into argument and parted ways w/ friend
Met more cool people
Deadmau5 concert!
Company Halloween party
Colbert/Stewart rally in DC; visited via free Huffington bus
EPIC pajama themed birthday party
Gypsy party w/ first time cards read
1920s themed Christmas holiday party
Attended Google Chrome class and got free laptop
Survived NYC’s 6th largest snowstorm; crossed Manhattan Bridge day after
Awesome French week w/out of town visitors

As it turns out, there were a lot of firsts last year – there had been many things I’d meant to do for ages and finally got around to attending these events I’d heard of so much. So many great experiences! Also, met lots of great people in 2010 – instant friends without whom the year wouldn’t have been the same.

I’m looking forward to more “firsts” but I’d rather focus on a continuation of last year and make stronger connections with those around me and focus more on what I’d started already.

And with that, I’ll be back with a “2011: looking forward” to-do type of list!