Fabric Experiments!

jpeg-2I have a *lot* of fabric samples – a large plastic bag filled with them – that I’m sorting through.  There are some pretty standard fabrics as well as really pretty embroidered and  quilted textures.  jpeg-1Just wanted to share my latest experiments!  These are made the same way as a regular pinback button is made except that instead of paper, a circular piece of fabric and no mylar layer since it would take away from the fabric’s texture.  I love wearing these since they’re very much one of a kind!  My plan is to make more of these and make custom ones for friends’ birthdays :)

What crafty thing have you been trying out/experimenting with?

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My Latest Trip to Purl Soho

Every year, I make at least one trip to Purl Soho here in New York City.  Their shop is just so cozy and happy with beautiful yarns in every shade.jpeg-4

The wall of yarn is a sight to behold!  This is the “fancy” yarn wall whereas the other side has more affordable brands like Cascade 220.  They’re all lovely and I always just want to buy ALL of it :)

jpeg-6They also have fabric in every color that inspires me to one day take up sewing.  I tend to not be as patient when, say, sewing on a button so I’m not sure if I’ll ever really get into ‘real’ sewing and making tote bags and clothes.  Time will tell!

jpeg-3There are so many notions like embroidery and regular threads and, not pictured here, are all the crochet hooks and knitting needles and the buttons.  Oh, the buttons!

If you’re itching to make a stop, please do!  If you’ve been, what’s your favorite thing or things to get here?

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More Crafty Goodness

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 9.04.11 PMI started a new craft blog last year for the upcoming Craftic site.  Since I find it redundant to post in 2 craft blogs, I’d like to invite you to check it out!  The Craftic blog is filled with inspiration for your knitting, crochet, sewing, felting, and other projects.  I try to focus more on the materials rather than the selected craft.  So yes, photos of yarn, buttons, fabric, more yarn, beads and yes, more yarn :)  Hope you visit!

Granny Blanket

jpegLast year, I decided to tackle 2 large craft projects – my first blanket and second sweater.  Since I already showed a preview granny square, I thought I’d follow up with the blanket :)

jpeg-2_mediumThese are the progress shots I took over the course of last summer.  I can’t say how long it took to start and finish since I started making the circles around 6 years ago.  Yes, that long ago!  I made about a dozen and then 2 years ago, made the rest of the circles.  It wasn’t until last year that I sat down, figured out the joining pattern, and got to work.

jpeg-3_mediumAll in all, this was a great project to work on.  I used cotton yarns – the circles are mostly Lily Elite except for the lime circles which are from random yarn I found in Argentina and the cream border is from a cone which I got on Etsy years ago but can’t seem to find any markings on it.  So, lots of mystery yarn went into this project :)

jpeg-2_medium-1Since it’s a cotton blanket, I mostly use it as a throw and sometimes as a lap blanket in the summer.  If I were to make another blanket, I’d definitely go for wool or at least an acrylic/wool mix.   If you’d like to give it a go, I highly recommend it.  It’s a really beautiful pattern called Flowers in the Snow.   Happy crocheting!


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Leafy Scarf

Ah, Spring is only a few weeks away.  It’s hard to remember that since there’s an upcoming snow storm this weekend here in NYC!  I’m looking back at some cheery projects I’ve worked on.  This is based on the “Leaf Scarf” pattern on the Martha Stewart site.  It’s a little tricky but I posted several in progress shots for future reference.tumblr_n1rjs47NPR1splrdyo1_500

Pattern: Knitted neck scarf

What’re you working on?

jpeg-2_medium jpeg_medium-1jpeg_medium

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