[Free] Pattern: Legwarmers

This pattern is from my original post on Feb 22, 2010 for Thing-A-Day #22.

Over a year ago, I saw a simple legwarmer pattern in a book at Purl Soho. The pattern was this:

Cast on 56 stitches. K2, P2 all around and bind off when happy with length. This would make something I’d seen in stores already. But I didn’t want something I’d seen. A mass produced item would’ve been more expensive (this project was about 1 skein worth, $7.50) but it would’ve taken a lot less time to obtain :)

What I wanted was something that would flare out at the bottom so it can go over my boots as well as be long enough to cover most of my shins. I’d keep seeing one or the other. Long legwarmers that abruptly stop at the ankle or short ones that go well over booties. Just needed to mix the two up and make it in a color to match my existing hat.

The Mellow Legwarmers pattern

1 skein of Cascade 220 wool yarn
4 DPNs size 8

CO 56 stitches
(CO number needs to be divisible by 4; adjust to size accordingly)
Rows 1-60: (K2, P2) til end of row
Row 61: (K1, M1, P2) til end of row
Row 62-71: K3, P2
Row 72: Bind off. Wear. Do “Maniac” dance.*

* optional


These legwarmers are meant for moderately sized calves and were a little loose on me.  If you have smaller calves like mine, I’d suggest going down 8 stitches or knit with size 7 needles for a tighter gauge. I also think weaving ribbon through the top would work to keep them from slipping.

Enoy :)


  1. Bobi says:

    Hi! What a great pattern! I just wanted to know what the dimensions and/or gauge were for the final product? I have a feeling I may have to modify the size for my big ol’ legs. Thanks so much!

    • Jen says:

      Thank you! I honestly can’t remember the gauge – it’s been a while since I made these. I did make them with worsted yarn on size 8 needles. I have slightly smaller calves and it was a tiny bit loose on me. Not sure if that helps. I may have to use finding the gauge as an excuse to make a new pair :)

  2. Kristen says:

    I am so excited to start these tonight! We are getting a HUGE snowstorm tomorrow into Saturday so I am thinking this will make a great project. I just finished my very first “Patterned” project. (a super cute shrug) So being a beginner I was thinking the same thing as Helen. I would like to use circular needles. 4 needles seems way to involved for me lol ;) Especially since I will need to look up what M1 means haha! Will let you know how they come out.

    • Jen says:

      Awesome! Yeah, I’m in the same boat and planning to work from home tomorrow :) Glad that you like the pattern. You could definitely use circular needles for this – just really short ones. It’s a matter of preference, really. If you’re on Ravelry, post a link to the finished project :)

    • Jen says:

      I haven’t made these with circular needles but I can’t see how the pattern would have to be modified. The ribbing would be the same so just proceed as it’s written. If you see any differences, let me know!

  3. Doowicky says:

    Hey, if slipping is an issue, the top could be a 1×1 ribbing. If still slipping, fold it over into a cuff. 1×1 folded over itself is Snug City. ;-)

  4. 1963stitchwitch says:

    Hi, Jennifer- thanks so much for posting this pattern again- i saw the photo and it was just what i wanted but couldn’t access the pattern. using the needle size and suggested yardage, i bought some great yarn and started it, thinking to do it from the photo. when i checked tonight to see where you put the increases (great photo, by the way!) there was the pattern! i can go ahead and finish these, which i’m making in a soft merino,silk and cashmere blend in a blue grey for my daughter. many thanks- i’ll be following your future submissions!

    • Jen says:

      Glad that it appeared just in time! These are super comfy and will definitely keep someone’s legs warm. Cashmere sounds luxurious – sounds like a great gift :)

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